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Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Spirit Comes Acts 2:1–21 This week we will experience the exciting story of Pentecost and celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. Before the Story: Introduce the scripture by showing the photo below (Color Pack 28) and asking the students to describe what they see. Invite them to copy the wind swirls and movement of the kite tails with their hands. Ask: What do you see, hear, or feel on a windy day? What difference does the wind make? Kites  Comment that today’s story is about a time when God sent a powerful wind to Jesus’ followers. Sharing the Story Share the photo of all the books of the Bible  (Color Pack 25) and point to the book of Acts.  Remind the students that this book tells us about the followers of Jesus in the early church. Set the scene for the story by explaining that the story takes place in Jerusalem after Jesus returned to the disciples after the resurrection. Books of the Bible  Jesus has now gone to be with God and told them to wait in Jerusalem for the gift of t

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