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Sunday School - May 22, 2022

Good News Travels This week we will explore the story of Lydia and Paul and learn about ways to spread the Good News. Acts 16:9–15 Before the story:    Invite kids to recall times when they have been a visitor, perhaps in someone’s home or at a new church or school, and tell what people said or did to make them feel welcome. What do you and your family do to make someone feel welcome in your home? What might we do to welcome visitors to our Sunday school? Share the picture below and discuss the student's experiences with relay games.  Have them describe games that involve having a relay.  Another form of relay is the route of the Olympic torch. The torch route traditionally begins in Greece and ends in the host city after traveling several hundred to several thousand miles. Explain that people learned about Jesus much like a relay passing the good news from person to person. Relay Photo  Sharing the story:    Read today's scripture from the Bible or use the story sheet below. 

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