Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Safety and Security at Sixth Church - February 2020

We have updated our Emergency and Disaster Response Plan and have begun training staff, teachers, and church leaders.  Our plan identifies two Evacuation Meeting Locations.  In case of an emergency and the need to evacuate the building, children will be led by teachers and staff out the most easily accessible door to the closest designated meeting location.  Parents are asked to go directly to designated locations to be connected with their children.  
Evacuation Meeting Locations
Location 1: Carnegie Library (parking lot or inside), 5801 Forbes Ave
Location 2: Condominium Garage (inside), 1680 Murray Ave.
                    Building Maintenance: 412 – 779-8200)

 If your child has sensory, behavioral, or medical needs, please fill the Children’s Individual Emergency and Lockdown Plan. This will help us better aid your child in the case of an emergency.  Emergency and Lockdown Plan

  Please update your contact information if needed!  Do we have your current recent cell phone number and email address? Sunday School Registration Form

Here are some resources for talking about emergency preparedness with kids and holding safety drills at home:




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