Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Reflections for Youth - What Moses said...

Do you know what your first words were? It was probably "mama" or "dada." Our first words usually are sounds we imitate because we hear them often.  

My parents said that my first word was "No."
No surprise right? 

"No" is probably the word I heard most often as my curious self was trying to learn and navigate the world. 

I wonder if anyone's first word has ever been "yes"

I am thinking about that this morning because of our Old Testament passage. Moses, and the people of Israel, have finally reached the land that God has promised them after 40 years. In this passage, Moses is telling the people that we should say "Yes!" He says that God wants us to say yes to loving God and following God's commandments.
Here is some background: 
  • This passage comes from the section of the Bible known as the Torah, which includes the first five books of the old testament.  
  • Torah means "laws" or "instructions." The Torah law helped establish the Hebrew people's relationships with one another and with God. 
  • Many of these laws are found in Deuteronomy and other laws are found in Exodus and Leviticus. 
  • The word Deuteronomy means "repetition of the law" or "second law" and contains the second telling of the Ten Commandments (Deuteronomy 5. The first is in Exodus 20.)
  • The book of Deuteronomy is presented as a speech or set of speeches given by Moses.

Moses said tells the people that  God wants them to "choose life" so others would see that they love and belong to God.  Moses talked about giving the people a choice between living with God and living without God.  There is some scary language here bout death and curses - but the main point is that Moses is letting the people that God desires for the community to be blessed.  God wants good things for us.  

So, great - how do we do that?  What is God calling us to do?  One of the commentaries in our weekly Sunday school lesson offers this: 

Worship with all your heart.
Love your church
Believe that God loves you.
Remember the stories of Jesus.
See Christ in the people around you.
Share God's love with someone who has forgotten.
Open your heart to the spirit.

What are some ways that you are"choosing life" and saying "yes" to God? 

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