Friday, November 30, 2018

Reflections for Youth - Advent 2018

Hello! The Season of Advent starts this weekend.  This Advent I am committing myself to do a daily spiritual practice. I am sharing what I'll be doing in case you would like to try it, too!  

This journey will involve reflecting on a new word each day and taking/ or finding a photo to post that reflects that word. 

I will be reading and responding to the #Adventword  daily devotion which you can find at:
The site is created by folks at Virginia Theological Seminary. 

Here's how it works: Visit the site and sign up with an email address and everyday during Advent you will receive an email with a daily meditation and an invitation to create you our using the daily word. There are also options to share/view other's responses through Social Media. 

Check it out and give it a try! Each day features a new word for refection during the Advent season. 

I'll be posting my photos in our Sixth youth FB group and on Instagram at Sixthyouth.  Please post your pictures, too if you would like to participate! 

Happy Advent! 

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