Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Family Retreat 2018 - Inter-generational Ministry

In May, we held our annual church family retreat at Camp Crestfield Camp and Conference Center. The overnight retreat gives our families a chance to play, worship, rest, and create together. At this year's event, everyone participated in an activity that I feel was a great example of "doing inter-generational ministry."

Everyone - from toddlers to adults - picked the name of another retreat participant. The pairs were asked to sit together, talk and make a list of all the things they could come up with that they had in common.  The names were picked at random so we had young people with young people, adults matched with young people, and adults matched with other adults. What resulted were great conversations between folks who may not have ever previously gotten to know each before.  The pairs were wonderful at listening and learning about each other. Below are a few of the lists that were made during the activity. 

Calvin (age 9) and Julie (Adult)

Megan and Mary (adults)

Dex (age 5) and Savanna (age 7)

John (adult) and Dex (age 5)

Beatrice (age 6) and Olena (adults)

Wendy (adult) and Marina (age 7)

Sam (age 6) and Eve (age 7)

Malachi (age 6) and Jenny (adult)

Stay tuned for more in a future post!

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