Thursday, April 5, 2018

New Children's Story Bible

I have something new to recommend! I have added to my collection of children's story Bibles and I think you will love this one, too! 

Growing in God s Love: A Story Bible is for children ages 4-8, but I think older kids will want read along as well. The book was created and edited by two educators that I respect and have learned a lot from over the years.  Elizabeth F. Caldwell is Professor Emerita of Pastoral Theology at McCormick Theological Seminary and Visiting Professor in Religious Education at Vanderbilt Divinity School.  She is a Christian educator, author, and was one of the editors of the Common English Bible translation.  Carol A. Wehrheim is also an author and  Christian educator.  She is the general editor for the Feasting on the Word curriculum which we use in our Sunday school classes. 

The story Bible is made up of 150 Bible stories that are organized in to themes and each story has a beautiful and diverse illustration.  The stories are short, one or two pages, and  are short enough to hold a child's attention but are packed with great details.   Each story is concluded with three reflection questions that invite the readers to "Hear, See, and Act."

There is a lovely introduction written by the editors describing how the themes and stories were chosen and help for parents in using these stories as part of their spiritual practice at home.

This story Bible uses inclusive language for God. 

"It is our hope that children will grow up with names for God that are not limiting but are invite them engage in their growth and life of faith by dwelling in the mystery of God who is healer, spirit, shepherd, friend, mother, caregiver, peacemaker, father - all of these things and many more, " the editors write. 

I invite you to take a look at the copy I have here at the church and consider getting one for your family. I think this is a Children's Story Bible that would be great as a gift for a baptism or young child. 

The book is available on Amazon or order it through your favorite bookstore.

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