Thursday, March 15, 2018

Reflections: Hawking, Students, and Jeremiah

Three things are giving me inspiration and encouragement this week: This quote from Stephen Hawking, students from all across the country that participated in walk-outs and protests, and this week's scripture passage from the prophet Jeremiah.

Physicist Stephen Hawking died this week at the age 76. He was quite a genius who was known for his work in explaining things like black holes and the beginnings of the universe. But equally amazing to me was his ability to make the best of his life with ALS and continue his work.  He lived almost 50 years longer than he was expected. All week long, I've been reading tributes and quotes. The one pictured here is my favorite.

Also this week, high school students all over the nation participated in walk-outs and protests to voice their demands for safety in their schools and more restrictive gun laws. I am so inspired and encouraged by all of the students who are showing adults they can be heard and care about their neighbors, fellow students, and their world.

And then there is the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah.

Read Jeremiah 31: 31-34

 In this passage, the people had forgotten about God. They did not remember to pray to God or that God loved them very much. God wanted the people to remember that they are loved  so God tells the people that God will make a new promise with them. God will forgive them for forgetting and will help them to know about God in their lives. God reminds them that they belong to him/her and that nothing changes that. God will work in their hearts to help them remember to whom they belong and forgive the things that they had done. 

Here is what I am thinking about this week:
1. The quote from Stephen Hawking is reminding me to be curious, keep learning, and keep asking questions.
2. This week's student protests have encouraged me to continue to use my voice, skills, and talents to serve my community and work for change in the world
3.  Jeremiah reassures me that God loves us no matter what and continues to forgive us, make new covenants with us, and writes his love in our hearts. Jeremiah reminds me that every day I need to look for an recognize God's grace and love working in the world.

What is inspiring you this week?

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