Sunday, March 25, 2018

Readings for Holy Week - 2018

Jesus appears before Pilate
Read Mark 15: 2-5
Who is Jesus to you?

Jesus is sentenced to death
Read Mark 15: 12-15
How do you respond when you see injustice?

Jesus is Mocked by Soldiers
Read Mark 15: 17-20
When have you said or done something that dishonored Jesus?

Simon Carries Jesus' cross
Read Mark 15: 21
What might God be calling you to do to serve?

Jesus is crucified
Read Mark 15:25-26
Why on earth do Christians call the day that remembers this event Good Friday?

Jesus is mocked while on the cross. Jesus cries out to God. Jesus dies.
Read Mark 15: 29-37
What do you want to ask God about Jesus' death?

Readings and questions adapted from Feasting on the Word Multi-age Spring 2018 Sunday school curriculum. 

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