Friday, February 2, 2018

Reflections - Want to get Away?

This is the view from the the main house at El Porvenir coffee cooperative in Nicaragua.
This is one of my favorite quiet places to think and pray (except for the roosters - ha ha.)

I read a tweet this week that said:
So many people could benefit by just sitting in the quiet and asking themselves "Why do I believe what I believe?"
This has got me thinking this week about prayer and the amount of time I actually take each day to be alone, be quiet, and listen to God.  Scripture tells us this is definitely a "What Would Jesus Do" things.  There are certain things we see Jesus doing through the Gospels that are non-negotiable for him.  Welcoming and loving the outcast, feeding the poor, and going off to a quiet place alone to pray. 

Read Mark 1: 29-29   

After teaching in the Synagogue and healing a very sick man,  Jesus went with James and John to Simon and Andrew’s house.  Simon’s mother-in law was very sick with a fever and Jesus went to her and he healed her and made her better.  And when the Sun began to set and the Sabbath day was over, people from all around brought sick friends and family members to Simon and Andrew’s house. They crowded around the door. Can you picture that? Sooo0000 many people. And Jesus healed them all, the scripture says. 
Early the next morning, before the sun even came up—while everyone was still asleep, Jesus left that house and went to a quiet place where he could be alone to pray.  Simon and the others wake up and panic. They search for Jesus, find him and tell him that EVERYONE is looking for him.  We can relate- right?  Jesus is tired, maybe a little overwhelmed by the amount of people and attention that everyone is needing from him - so he goes off to a quiet place to pray and listen to God. 
Sometimes we feel like Jesus and need to get away from all people around us. We need time to pray, talk to God, to listen, and to ask ourselves why we believe what we believe and feel what we feel. 
Jesus emerges from his time alone seemingly refreshed and ready to go - clearer about his purpose.  “Let’s go! Let’s go to the other villages. I was sent to preach to them." My goal this weekend is to purposely carve out some time to disappear - to hide. To find a quiet place and pray and listen. Will you try it, too? 

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