Friday, January 5, 2018

Reflections: God Isn't Finished

Happy New Year! As I write this, I am bundled up working at my dining room table. We are running space heaters in the kitchen and garage to keep our pipes from freezing. Today all of the schools are closed due to the frigid temperature. And despite my grouchiness about the cold,  I look out the window and see the sunlight glistening off the icicles that have formed on the pine tree.  It reminds me the that God has a way of always making things new again. A new year - a new day. There is hope and newness in the sun that shines in the middle of this winter freeze. 

Our scripture this week takes us back to the beginning. The story of creation from Genesis. 

Reading this familiar passage reminds me that God is always working and creating. Sometimes we forget that we are also a work in progress. We see ourselves - each little blemish, all the things we don’t like - and think we think don’t measure up. The truth is, God’s work in us isn’t done. God has way more to show us about ourselves and how we are made in God's image. 

Here is what I am thinking about this week: 
What do I need to see with new eyes?
Where do I see God still creating and making things new?
What can I be doing my daily life to "Let there be light"?

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