Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reflections: Come and See

So, for Christmas, my husband and I bought this video game controller that you can plug into your TV and play the game without a game console. So, I have been playing a lot of Frogger lately! It's a game I had as a kid. When I was young I wasn't very good at Frogger. But I do remember one particular snow day when I played the game all morning and finally got the high score. And like must of us, when something good happens we want to share the news. So I ran upstairs to tell my older brother about my high score. And not only did I want to brag - but I wanted him to come and see it.  He also wanted to see it. Mostly because in true older-brother fashion - he didn't believe it.  

Our scripture from the Gospel of John this week contains two similar elements: Someone is happy and excited and has news to share. Someone needs to see things to believe. 

 Read John 1: 43-51

In this passage, we find Jesus at the beginning of his ministry and he is beginning to call his disciples. He is in Galilee and he meets a man named Philip.  “Follow me!” is his invitation.  Philip is geeked about meeting Jesus that he runs and finds his friends Nathanael. He tells Nathanael that he has met the Prophet that Moses wrote about who is the son of Joseph—he tells him he has met THE Jesus of Nazareth.  Nathanael apparently thought Nazareth was a pretty sketchy place and said,  “Can anything good from there?”

“Come and See” said Philip.

And they went to meet Jesus. And after this meeting Nathanael became a follower of Jesus, too.

Jesus invited them to "Come and See."

Something good happened to Philip—he met Jesus. And he shared that good news. And Nathanael questioned, went, saw, ( and questioned some more) and then believed. 

I am thinking about this story and considering if I were there, would I be more like Philip or Nathanael? Definitely Nathenael. 
This story reminds me that Jesus, throughout the Bible, picks ordinary people to help change the world. God picks ordinary people - even people who ask questions and have to see things to believe.  And God has created us to show God's love in the world. And God chooses to love us no matter what. 

Some things to think about:
What do I need to see to believe? 
Who are the people that I want to share my good news with?
How can I share the love of God and the good news of Christ with others? 
In what ways can I say "Come and See to others?"

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