Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sunday School Happenings - Come to the Feast!

See what's happening in our Sunday School classes!

From Sunday School Teachers 
Chris Pistorius and Verna Robinson

After acting out the Parable Jesus told in Matthew 22: 1-14, we celebrated with our own feast. During our meal we discussed these questions. What reasons did the guests give for not coming to the king’s feast? What did the king do when he realized the invited guest were refusing to come to his feast? One of the two Sacraments in our church is Communion. Just as the King in the Parable opened the invitation to everyone, we too invite everyone to partake in the feast. We say, this is not Sixth Presbyterian Church’s table. This is God’s table and EVERYONE is invited.

Note: The King is at the head of his table. Many of the actors had already removed their costumes which they had created themselves.

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