Thursday, August 10, 2017

What We Are Reading - August 2017

Here are our August favorites - all available through the  Carnegie Library.  Enjoy!

Great book for dog lovers!  Ed doesn't feel that he is as "excellent" as the other members of his family. This story addresses self confidence and getting along with siblings and reminds us that everyone is "excellent" at something. 

The book is probably best for older elementary age children.  It's about a girl named Emma whose parents are migrant workers. Emma wants to work to earn money for the family but is sent to school.  

This book is quirky and fun! Sam and Dave on the search for something amazing and "spectacular." The dig a hole and keep digging and find things that they didn't expect.   

This is another silly book that starts with an octopus who plays the ukulele. The author gives readers a part in feeling like they are involved in the story by pointing out basic elements of story structure and plot. 

This is a great story that echos the message in "Excellent Ed."  Everyone has a purpose and things to contribute to the world. Otis is a special tractor but is replaced on the farm with a big shiny yellow tractor. He feels left out until there is a job on the farm that only he can do. This is my 

This is my favorite of this list!  The main character is a grumpy old man who  likes to paint pictures of the birds in his backyard.  The squirrels get involved in the story and work their way into the old man's heart. 

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