Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Reflections: When Enough is Enough

Here is what I am thinking about this week: When do we know when we have enough?

 I've been moving my office and have discovered that when it comes to books - I have enough. 

We definitely know when we feel like we have enough stuff (materials things and possessions),  commitments other people's drama, emotions, etc. 

When we feel overwhelmed - we feel like we've had enough.

Yet, we also feel overwhelmed and worry when don't have (or think we don't have) enough. Enough food, money, time, resources, etc. 

The 14th chapter of Matthew gives us some good food for thought on this topic (pun intended!) 

Read Matthew 14: 1-21

The scripture starts with the story of Herod's birthday banquet in which I am sure had quite enough food, wine, and everything else you need for such a party. The party gets out of hand and results in the beheading of John the Baptist.

Herod has had enough. He fears John the Baptist and has him arrested. He fears the crowd more because they considered this man a prophet. 

Then, we move along to Jesus. Jesus has also had enough and is seeking some rest and isolation. But how Jesus and Herod react to their "enoughness" is very different. Herod gets tangled up in his fear and the manipulation of his family.  Jesus responds to the people and his disciples with compassion. He heals the sick and feeds the crowd. He shows the people with his actions how God loves them.

Jesus' miraculous act of feeding the crowd reminds us that God is always with us. God is with us when we have more than we can handle. God is with us when we don't have enough.  

Jesus provides the miracle by turning five loaves and two fish into enough for the crowd. But, Jesus also asks the disciples to help feed the people  - reminding us to help others in their "enoughness" as well. 

Who can you help that has had enough - not enough?

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