Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Sunday School - February 21, 2021

This week's lesson is a story from Mark and about Jesus in the wilderness. 

Today's Scripture - Read the NRSV version here: 


Mark 1: 9-15

Before the story: 

Share the picture and talk about what you remember from the story of Jesus' Baptism.  What do you remember about this story about Jesus? Ask kids to tell the story of Jesus’ baptism in their own words. Recall that the story of Jesus’ baptism is in Mark 1and remind learners that the story for this week immediately follows it. 

Invite the kids to look at the photo above and look it closely and tell what they see in this landscape.

What might you hear in a place like this?

What might you smell?

Explain that the Bible story took place in a setting like this wilderness.

Share story:

Story Sheet 

Following the story, here are some questions you can ask:

What happened in the wilderness?

What might be hard about staying in the wilderness for forty days?

Who was taking care of Jesus?

Who tried to get Jesus to turn away from God?

What did Jesus do?

What do you think helped Jesus?

What helps Jesus’ followers today in difficult or hard times?

Who helps you when you are doing something hard?

Story activities: 

Story Activities:


Lenten Reminder: Talk about the season of Lent and decided if there are any Lent practices you would like to observe as a family at home.

Angel Pattern:   Have children trace the Angel Pattern n on paper to make an angel. Encourage them to put the angel somewhere where they will see it during the week, 


 Coloring Sheet 


Storybook to Share: 


Henry and Leo" by Pamela Zagarenski

This week’s Time for Children: 


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