Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Sunday School - February 14, 2021

 This week's lesson is a story from Mark and is the story known as The Transfiguration. 

Today's Scripture - Read the NRSV version here: 


Mark 9: 2-9 

or share the story sheet from this week's lesson

Today’s Story is called the Transfiguration story. It’s a story about Jesus and a few of his disciples who go up to the mountain top. Before the story, ask the kids to name or talk about things/animals/people/ that change.  Share the picture below as you are reading the story.

Color Pack 22

Following the story, here are some questions you can ask:


  • What happened before this part of the story?
  • Who are the people with Jesus?
  • Why would the artist show Moses with a walking stick?
  • What surprising thing happened to Jesus?
  • What did God’s voice tell the disciples to do?
  • What does this story tell you about Jesus?
  • How can you listen to Jesus today?

Story Activities:  

Make Book about Jesus:

Students can make a mini-book about Jesus to summarize what

they know about him. Use the instruction guide below for creating the book. Students can use the pages of the book to write or draw things about Jesus or stories that they remember.

Mini book instructions

Transforming Art :

Children will express in art what they discovered about Jesus in the transfiguration story. 

Have kids make hearts from construction or any type of paper you have on hand. Have them tape or glue their hearts onto another piece of paper and explain that this is the beginning of a picture of the transfiguration. Have them transform their hearts into something else - draw a picture around it to show the transfiguration story - or anything they want to draw.


Transfiguration  Coloring Sheet


Storybook to Share: 

“If You Want To See a Whale” by Julie Fogliano

This week’s Time for Children: 

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