Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sunday School - January 17, 2020

This week we are heading into the Old Testament to explore the story of Samuel's call from God. 


Today's Scripture - Read the NRSV version here: 

1 Sam. 3:1–10 (11–20)

or share the story sheet from this week's lesson

Following the story, here are some questions you can ask: 

Questions after the story: 

  • Who did Samuel help at the temple?

  • When did this happen to Samuel?

  • How many times did God call to Samuel before Samuel knew who it was?

  • Who helped Samuel figure out who was calling his name?

  • Why didn’t Samuel recognize that God was calling his name?

  • Why do you think God didn’t give the message directly to Eli?

  • How do you think God gives messages to people today?

Story Activity:  

Things you can do at home!  

Stick Puppets: 

For the children to experience the story in another way use the photo to cut out pictures and attach them to pencils or popsicle sticks and have them act out the story with the puppets.  

Color Pack 14    

Pillow Craft:  The pillow will remind the children that one time they can listen to God is

when they lie down at night. Make fleece pillows, following the directions on Resource

Sheet 2  (No-Sew Pillow). 

Samuel Coloring Sheet 

Storybook to share:

"The Night Gardener" by The Fan Brothers


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