Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Sunday School - December 6, 2020

 We begin the second week of Advent by hearing more words of the prophet Isaiah. We will also read scripture from the beginning of the Gospel of Mark that tells the story of John the Baptist as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

If you have an Advent wreath at home light the first and second candle. 
(Any kind of candle will work!)

Activity/Coloring Sheets :

download coloring sheet here

download coloring sheet here  


Today's Scripture - Read the NRSV version here: 

or share the story sheet from this week's lesson

Here is some background to explain if needed:

Isaiah was a prophet of God during a time when the Israelites, the people of God, were taken to another country and forced to stay there. The verses from Isaiah in the previous session, near the end of the book, are a lament, a crying out in great sorrow and sadness referring to what they found when they returned to Jerusalem.

Following the story, here are some questions you can ask: 

How did the people of Israel feel at the beginning of the story? How did they feel at the end? What helped them change? How did this change bring them peace?

Story Activity :

Sheep Craft Activity: 

These sheep with words from Isaiah will remind the children during the

week of a strong, comforting God. Give each child an 8" round paper doily. Kids can also use a regular piece of paper cut into a circle and folded in half. A coffee filter also works, too!  Have the children color the heads and legs for their sheep and cut them out, along with the verse. After they glue the head and legs to their doilies to make the sheep, they can glue the Bible verse on the sheep.

download craft template here

Additional Scripture:  Read Mark 1: 1-8 which tells about John The Baptist.

  Remember that John was born to Elizabeth, Mary’s Cousin.

and they celebrated their pregnancies together.

John was sent to tell the world that Jesus was coming and was the person that baptized Jesus.  We will be reading through the Gospel of Mark during this church year. This Gospel starts with the story of John the Baptist and begins with Jesus being baptized

Here are a few videos that tell the story of John the Baptist:

 Here are some link to storybooks about getting ready and preparing:

"Monkey Not Ready for Kindergarten" 


"Come on Rain"

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