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Sunday School - December 20, 27, and Jan. 3

 Hello! We are taking a break from our Sunday school zoom sessions for the remainder of the year. Sunday school zoom sessions for preschool - 6th grade will resume at 10 a.m. on January 10.  Link to the session will be sent via email.  Please email me at if you need a resend. 

In the meantime! Light your Advent Candles! We light the peace candle on Dec. 20 and the Christ Candle on Dec. 24.  Videos and coloring sheets below: 


Below are Sunday school scriptures, stories, and activities for Dec. 20- Jan3. Share them with your family! Also, visit the church website to watch our weekly worship and Christmas Eve services together! 

December 20 


Questions you can ask after sharing the story and picture: 
  • Who was the surprise visitor?
  • What part of the story is shown in this picture?
  • What made Mary feel differently about Gabriel?
  • What special thing did God select Mary to do?
  • What might God select you to do?
Story Activities:
Angel Ornament: 
The children can be messengers of God’s love. Use the angel ornament template to cut out an angel from thick paper or cardstock. Don't forget to cut out the sections inside the Angel! Cut tissue paper slightly larger than the open sections to glue on the back of one of the angels. Glue or tape a ribbon hanger to the top of the angel. Glue the other angel to the back. Children can print a Christmas message of God’s love on the angel. Suggest that they think of someone who would like this ornament with a message of God’s love.

Christmas Prayer:
One way children can explore what God wants them to do is to pray with their families. Talk with your family about prayer and write a Christmas prayer together. 

December 27 


Questions you can ask after sharing the story and picture: 
  • Who are the people in this picture?
  • What do you think each one is saying?
  • How do you think each person is feeling?
  • Who tells good news in this story?
Story Activities:

The children will make candleholders for votive candles as a reminder of Jesus and that they are included in the church.  Follow the steps on the activity sheet. As the children work, talk with them about the welcome Jesus received at the temple and how they are welcomed at the church. Place a small piece of masking tape on the bottom of each candleholder on which to write the child’s name. Set the completed candleholders somewhere in your house where you can see them daily and light them to see the effect of light through
the tissue paper.

Make a treat to share:
Children usually recognize adults who are welcoming at the church and in their neighborhood. Ask the children who they know at church and in their neighborhood other than their family members. Ask: "How do these people make you feel welcome?"  When they have identified who and what makes them feel welcome, suggest that they make a gift for some of those people. Make the treat using the recipe below and cut out the gift tags. (You can add the word "neighborhood" to the gift tag.) Have the children add the names of the recipients and their names and tape the tags to the bags of mix. 

January 3: 
Short Sheet

Share this picture in which the artist has shown the birth of Jesus in a very different way.  The stories about Jesus from Luke and Matthew are much clearer than the story about Jesus in the Gospel of John. Invite children to look closely at the first picture and see if they can find baby Jesus along with Mary and Joseph. Take a look together at the second picture and discuss what you see. 

Questions you can ask after sharing the story and pictures : 

What good news does John want you to know about Jesus?
What does John want you to know about Jesus and God?
How does this story make you feel about Jesus and God?
How does the second photograph remind you of John’s explanation for Jesus as light?
What good things come from the light?

Story Activities:

Paper Lanterns: 
These lanterns will remind the children that Jesus is light and they live
in Christ’s light. Have each child select a sheet of colored construction paper and fold it
in half lengthwise, making a sharp crease. Use scissors to cut slits on the
folded edge about 1" from the edges and about 1/2" apart. Have them unfold the paper
and write these words along the bottom and top with markers: Jesus is light. We live
in Jesus’ light. The lanterns can also be decorated with glitter glue or shiny sequins
of various sizes. Staple the short ends together to make the lantern. Punch two holes
opposite each other in the top. Thread a pipe cleaner through the holes and bend to
make a handle.

Heart Prayer:
This prayer will help children continue to ponder and wonder about Jesus
and God. It is more appropriate for children who can read the words on their own.
Recall that John wrote that we can know more about God through Jesus and that Jesus
gives us grace, a love bigger than we can imagine. Ask: How does it feel to know that love from Jesus is that big? Read the directions together and draw or write ways they can do as a child of God in Jesus’ light.

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