Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sunday School - Sept. 27, 2020

There are two scriptures that we will talk about during this week's Sunday school time. 

First up, our Sunday School curriculum this week if focused on Philippians 2: 1-13 in the New Testament. In this passage, Paul is writing a letter to the community encouraging them and sharing ways to live like Jesus. 

You can read the scripture here: 
 Philippians 2: 1-13

Or share the story from this week's lesson plan: 

Here are some activities you can do at home based on this passage 

Self-Portraits: Creating self-portraits offers a way for the children to identify how they can imitate Jesus as Paul urges. Have the kids lie down on a large piece of paper (you can use newspaper, an unfolded cardboard box - whatever you have that would be big enough!) Trace around the child with a dark marker and cut out the body outline if that's possible. Provide markers for them to draw a large heart in the chest area and print “Live and love like Jesus” inside it. On their arms and legs, have the children list ways they can use their bodies can serve others as Jesus did and as Paul wrote. Inside their heads, they can list things they might do with their brains, eyes, ears, and mouths as they live and act like Jesus did. 

 Bingo: Print the cards here (there are three different cards) and buttons, coins, whatever you have to play bingo. Take one of the bingo cards and cut apart the squares. Put the squares in a bowl or basket and call them out one by one until a player has five in a row or three in a row. Talk about how each square follows what Christ taught. 

Paul wrote many letters to communities following Jesus. Here are some fun storybooks about writing letters. Can you and your family think of anyone you can send a letter to? 

Dear Dragon by Josh Funk

Ten Thank you Letters by Daniel Kirk

Our Second scripture for Sunday school is from the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus tells the Pharisees the parable of the two sons in Matthew 21: 23-32. 

Read it here: 

Time for Children in our Weekly worship service will focus on this passage: 

Time for Children - Sept. 27 

Here is another creative retelling of the story: 

The Parable of the Two Sons 

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